Dentures are also known as” false teeth”. Missing teeth and their associated gum can be replaced with a denture. A denture can have a metal or pink acrylic base on to which the replacement teeth are fixed. A denture is removable and has to be taken out of the mouth for cleaning at least twice a day.

A partial denture can replace some of the teeth while a full , or complete, replaces all the missing teeth. Detailed impressions are taken in order to design an individualised denture. Mouth preparations are often necessary to help to stabilise a partial denture. When these have been done a very accurate impression of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws will be taken. Detailed records of how the teeth should come together will also be taken. The framework will be made. Teeth will be added to the framework and this arrangement will be tried in position to assess the fit and appearance.Any adjustment to the colour, shape,or appearance of the replacement teeth can be made at that stage. If the appearance and the fit are satisfactory the denture(s) will be finished in the specialist laboratory and will be fitted at the following appointment. A number of followup appointments will be usually required to help to deal with any minor problems. It is advisable where front teeth are missing to have a spare denture made. This gives a great deal of mental security in case the denture is damaged or lost.

Implants can be placed and used to support dentures. Click on the links below for more information on the following

Implants retained dentures
Implant retained bridges
Implant retained crowns

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