Implant Retained Bridges

What are implant retained bridges?

Dental implants are titanium screws which are fixed directly into the jaw bone and used as anchors for bridges. These are usually placed under local anaesthetic and oral sedation.Following the placement of implants we usually advise that no denture can be worn for a short time to allow good healing.After a couple of weeks the dentures are re-fitted.

The implants are usually left to integrate with the bone for about three or four months

After the implants have integrated into the jaw bone impressions are then taken and the bridgework is fabricated in the specialist laboratory. The bridgework is usually held in place by small gold screws which are directly screwed into the implants.Sometimes the bridgework is cemented in position.

Meet the team.

All patients are assessed initially by Martin G D Kelleher who has over 25 years experience with implant retained bridges and then by Professor Mark McGurk. He is a Consultant in Maxillo-Facial surgery at Guy’s Hospital London. He has extensive experience in all surgical aspects of implant placement and bone grafting associated with these treatments.

Sally Clarke has been the nurse at the this practice for more than 10 years and has over 14 years of experience of assisting with various implant systems.

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