Teeth Bleaching (Whitening)

What is teeth bleaching ?

Teeth can gradually darken as you grow older.They can also be made darker by bacterial deposits, food and drink, and habits such as smoking. Bleaching chemically lightens teeth, so that they look lighter and usually more attractive.

Why do l need this procedure ?

Bleaching is used to:

  • Improve teeth if they have become discoloured with age

  • Remove stains caused by food and drinks such as tea,coffee,red wine and curry, as well as smoking.

  • Remove stains under the surface of your teeth caused by certain antibiotics or stains caused by tiny cracks within the teeth.

What are the benefits ?

Your teeth will usually look lighter in colour.

What happens during the procedure ?

We use carbamide peroxide which penetrates into your tooth structure and dissolves the stains which are embedded in the enamel ( hard outside layer ) of your teeth.

  • Home bleaching – A mouth guard is made to cover the teeth you are having bleached. The mouth guard will be fitted at your second appointment. You will be shown how to apply a low (10%) concentration of carbamide peroxide into the bleaching trays.

How long will the procedure take ?

For home bleaching, you will need three or possibly four appointments. The first appointment is to discuss the plans available to you, the second is to take the impressions and make the mouth guard and the third is to fit the mouthguard and show you how to bleach effectively and safely. Once the treatment has started you will need to continue treatment at home. You will need to wear the mouth guard and bleach for several hours a day or preferably overnight for a period from seven nights up to many months, depending on how bad the discolouration is.

Are there any side effects ?

  • Your teeth may become sensitive for a few days after treatment.

  • This happens to about one out of every seven patients.

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